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Ewan Eggleston
Family Lawyer in Tauranga, NZ
Ewan Eggleston is a family lawyer practising in Tauranga, NZ, specialising in all aspects of family law. Having practised in both New Zealand and in Australia, he has experience in cross-border issues.

Balance BodyWorks
Massage in Tauranga, NZ
Therapeutic Massage Practice with a strong emphasis on stress management and pain relief.

BOP Curtains & Blinds
Bay Blinds and Curtains, Tauranga, NZ
Curtains & Blinds in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty are a mobile service that come to you with roman, venetian, roller blinds, drapes, cushions & lampshades.

Glenhaven Rest Home
Retirement Home in Auckland, NZ
North Shore nursing home in Glenfield close to churches, shopping, parks.

Welcome to Guild Wars 2 Armor Gallery

I have started this gallery to show armour sets. I'm hoping these previews will prove useful to people that want to see the skins available.

The weapon skin gallery is now fully complete, so check it out!

I've now got a free in-game app for this website. Thanks so much for the support. It got placed 11th for User Choice Award. You can install GW2 Armor Gallery App from the Overwolf Appstore.

Please, if you notice an error, let me know in the comments section! I would really appreciate it.

- Kestrel.7890
Representing: Arch Angels of Tyria [ANGL] - (NZ Guild)
World: Tarnished Coast

There are six pieces of armour which can be worn: headgear, shoulderwear, chestwear, handwear, legwear and footwear.

Armour is divided into three levels, light, medium, and heavy. Each profession can only wear one level of armour:

Scholars (Elementalists, Mesmers, Necromancers) wear light armour.
Adventurers (Rangers, Thieves, Engineers) wear medium armour.
Soldiers (Guardians, Warriors) wear heavy armour.

Armour can be acquired in several different ways:

Starting equipment
Purchased from an armoursmith.
through the disciplines of the armoursmith, leatherworker, and tailor.
Dropped by a foe as loot.
As a PvP reward from a glory vendor.
As a reward for completing certain steps of your personal story.
Purchased from a Karma Merchant.

Dungeon Armour

Exchanging tokens with a Dungeon Vendor. Tokens are a reward for completing a dungeon's explorable mode.

Cultural Armour

Every race has race-specific cultural armour sets available for purchase in their respective capital cities. Cultural armour is divided into three tiers of light, medium and heavy, meaning each race has access to nine exclusive sets. Cultural armour can be purchased with coin and is level restricted.

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